Top 7 Food in Cambodia

  1. Tarantula

  2. Balut
  3. Green mango serving of mixed greens
  4. Skewers
  5. Crab
  6. Chicken and banana bloom plate of mixed greens
  7. Fish Amok


We can’t discuss Cambodian nourishment without referencing the tarantula, which has become the substance of “irregular road nourishment in Asia”! Flame broiled tarantula can be found in nourishment advertises everywhere throughout the nation and even in eateries, where they may even grandstand the live creepy crawlies in advance. It is said that tarantulas turned into a staple in the eating routine during the Khmer rouge, where individuals got and ate anything they could to endure. For reasons unknown tarantulas existed in bounty. While it very well may be a finished visitor energize, local people do in reality eat them normally just as different creepy crawlies, for example, grasshoppers and scorpions.


Presently onto a delicacy not for the swoon of hearted, Balut. Just, it is the treated undeveloped organism of a duck and eaten entire, accepted by local people to be exceptionally wealthy in protein! Allows simply state this is a gained taste…

3.Green mango serving of mixed greens

Green mango serving of mixed greens is another splendidly invigorating dish ideal for a hot day. It’s crunchy and light, comprising of cut green mango sprinkled with tomato, shallots, bean stew, fish sauce, cucumber, onion and herbs. Phew! It very well may be caused vegetarian in the event that you to ask them not to include any fish sauce!


Voyaging Cambodia, you will see a great deal of nourishments introduced on sticks, and squid is the same! Discovered a great deal along the coast, it is covered in herbs or flavors. It is likewise famous to discover meat and pork sticks being sold at nourishment markets!



Crab is well known along the bank of Cambodia, particularly in Kampot and Kep. Crabs are gotten crisp every day and served in an assortment of ways. In Kep one of the most well known approaches to eat it is simply with a little nearby pepper!

6.Chicken and banana bloom plate of mixed greens

Chicken and banana bloom plate of mixed greens may appear to be somewhat odd, yet this basic serving of mixed greens is well known on a hot day in Cambodia. Banana bloom blossom are hurled with chicken pieces and seared with garlic, bean stew and lemongrass. Trust us, you’ll need to attempt it!


7.Fish Amok

The signature dish of Cambodia khmer, this creamy curry can be found on menus throughout the country. Freshwater fish are soaked in coconut milk, eggs, fish sauce and palm sugar, and mixed with a spiced paste, turmeric and lemongrass. Traditionally the dish is served in a banana leaf bowl along with some rice.


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