“The woman sanctuary”, “the modest sanctuary”, “the pink sanctuary”; Banteay Srei passes by numerous epithets, a sign of the uniqueness of this little pearl of a sanctuary, which feels so extraordinary to the monumental glory of the fundamental Angkorian complex.

Initially called Tribhuvanamahesvara, the name Banteay Srei (or Banteay Srey) is a cutting edge one, signifying “fortress of the ladies” or, “bastion of excellence”. Individuals theorize this is because of its smaller than normal scale, the pink shade of the limestone, and the expand enriching carvings of numerous devatas (minor female gods) that beauty its dividers.

The most effective method to arrive

Banteay Srei is simply over 20km from the primary Angkor perplexing and somewhat over 30km from Siem Reap focus. It’s a pretty drive by tuk, through towns and rice fields, and takes around a short ways from the sanctuaries of Angkor. It’s likewise conceivable to do by bike, and is open by taxi too. While in transit to the sanctuary you will pass the amazing Landmine Museum; a data place and NGO which has some expertise in alleviation work for youngsters influenced via landmines and is definitely justified even despite a short visit.

When to visit

The perfect time to visit Banteay Srei is in the early morning or late evening. The site is uncovered and there is little shade from the warmth of the day. The sanctuary doesn’t highlight indistinguishable labyrinths of passages from Bayon, and it’s unrealistic to sit in the shade of its dividers like at Angkor Wat as they are too little to even think about creating a lot of shadow. It’s ideal to visit during the cooler occasions of day, which can likewise give you the open door for some dazzling photographs of the pink-shaded sanctuary in the evolving light.

Extra charge

The extra charge for Banteay Srei is remembered for the sanctuary go for the fundamental Angkor complex. You can’t purchase a different pass to visit only this sanctuary – you will be charged another $37 – so it’s ideal to ensure you consolidate your encounter with plans to visit different locales. Numerous individuals decide to invest a portion of the day at Banteay Srei and afterward take in a portion of the external sanctuaries in the principle Angkor perplexing as they make the arrival excursion to Siem Reap. Another, regularly disregarded, sanctuary not far-removed the way to Banteay Srei is Banteay Samre. Pretty and tranquil, it very well may be a much needed reprieve from the groups.

Banteay Srei history and rediscovery

When Banteay Srei was first rediscovered it was thought to go back to the thirteenth or fourteenth century because of its refined carvings. Be that as it may, engravings later found at the site place its sanctification decisively on 22nd of April, 967 A.D. It is the main significant sanctuary not to be worked by a King. The development is ascribed to Yajnavaraha, a subject and King’s advocate. The sanctuary was extended and additionally based upon in later years and stayed being used until in any event the fourteenth century.

The sanctuary was rediscovered in 1914 yet the site was not at first cleared. A couple of years after the fact be that as it may, when a French legislator and author took some remaining parts from the site, the guaranteeing consideration recharged enthusiasm for the territory and the rebuilding procedure started. The reclamation was the main extremely fruitful utilization of anastylosis (the way toward utilizing unique compositional components of the structure to reestablish it), a strategy which was then embraced for the rebuilding of numerous other Angkorian landmarks.


The sanctuary faces the east, with an entryway toward the beginning of a highway which prompts three walled in areas. The interstate has the remaining parts of halls on either side. The two external fenced in areas, portions of which have fell or been evacuated to historical centers, both portray scenes from Hindu folklore. The rosy shaded sandstone, which gives Banteay Srei its moniker of the “pink” sanctuary, is delicate and can be cut like wood. This clarifies the majority of fancy design everywhere throughout the structure. For all intents and purposes each accessible surface highlights unpredictably depicted stories and themes. Anyway it is the inward fenced in area lodging the two libraries and the haven which includes the most detailed carvings. The sanctuary is overwhelmingly devoted to Shiva, thus a large number of the carvings are based on his figure, despite the fact that Vishnu does likewise include vigorously in the structures on the south side.


Banteay Srei is actually a serious distinctive encounter to a considerable lot of the other Angkorian sanctuaries. Here the exhibit of riches, influence and the love of the divine beings is evident in detail and multifaceted design, as opposed to in the feeling of tremendousness and gravitas of Angkor Wat or Bayon. It gives a fascinating contrast to those ready to go somewhat further in their excursion of comprehension and encountering the Kingdom of Angkor.



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